What is the meaning of “OTC”?

Miracle drinks is an OTC product. Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs are medicines sold directly to a consumer without a prescription from a healthcare professional, as opposed to prescription drugs, which may only be sold to consumers possessing a valid prescription.

What is Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine ?

Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine also known as patent medicines or modern Ayurvedic medicines. The formula, dosage form etc., of such a medicine are decided by the manufacturing company. The ingredient combination is not found in traditional Ayurvedic text books. The company itself makes the formula based on reasoning and expertise, conducts clinical trial, research on the medicine about its efficacy in particular diseases, gets license from drug control authorities and markets the medicine.

Why the name Miracle Drinks ?

Most of the people who found excellent results after consuming the herbal concoctions provided by Mr. S M Raju exclaimed that it’s a Miracle ! Hence, the product got its name as ‘Miracle Drinks’.

What are the ingredients used in Miracle Drinks ?

Every single ingredient used in the preparation of Miracle Drink products are pure herbs, organically produced by farmers in different regions from India.

Are there any metals, steroids used in Miracle Drinks ?

There are no metals of steroids used. It’s a pure herbal formulation.

Are there any side effects after consuming Miracle Drinks ?

No, consuming Miracle Drinks will not produce any side effects, as it’s only a concoction of herbal extracts.

However, if you are under medication to control blood pressure, sugar levels or if you are on immuno suppressants, we strongly recommend you to consult your Doctor before consuming Miracle Drinks.

You should also monitor the respective parameters on a daily basis if you are consuming other allopathic drugs.

Can one consume Miracle Drinks along with allopathic medicines ?

Yes, one can consume Miracle Drinks along with allopathic medicines.
Remember to monitor the parameters on a daily basis.

Are Miracle Drinks products certified by Govt of India ?

Miracle Drinks is approved by AYUSH, Govt of India, as an Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine and as a OTC (over the counter) product.

Where is Miracle Drinks manufactured ?

Miracle Drinks is manufactured by Mallur Flora and Hospitality Pvt Ltd, near H Cross, Kaiwara, at a state-of-the-art GMP factory near the fringes of Bengaluru.

Who is the inventor of miracle drinks?

Mr S.M. RAJU, a senior IAS officer in Bihar serving as the Principle Secretary to government of Bihar is the inventor of miracle drinks.

How should one consume Miracle Drinks ?

Take 30 ml of Miracle Drink in a cup. You can use the cap to measure, which is 15 ml.
Take two cap full of Miracle Drink and pour it into a glass.
Add 60 ml of hot water into the glass. Drink it immediately.

How many times should one consume Miracle Drinks ?

It will vary depending on the ailment / disease / disorder. Just follow the suggestions of download the Miracle Drinks Remedy chart from the website.

When should one consume Miracle Drinks ?

Before food, preferably on empty stomach, as the absorption by the body is optimal on empty stomach.

Do you require a prescription for Miracle Drinks ?

No, you can visit any store and ask for Miracle Drinks.

Can we refer others to Miracle Drinks ?

Yes, you can.

Is there an age limit to consume Miracle Drinks ?

Children below the age of 3 years should not consume Miracle Drinks.

How do we store Miracle Drinks ?

Keep it in a cool, dry place, away from heat and sunlight.
Once the cap is opened, It’s ideal to store in the refrigerator.

How many products are currently available?

Currently there are eight products available, including ;

Gastro Support
Liver Health
Renal Support
Cardio Vascular Support
Immune Care
Ortho Care
Sugar Care

What is the shelf life of Miracle Drinks ?

3 years.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is comprehensive medical system that is 5000 years old. It considers itself as the Mother of medicine, from which the Chinese as well as classical western medicine have issued. The name comes from Sanskrit (Ayus – life, Veda – knowledge). It is considered as the oldest surviving treatment system in the world.

Why try Ayurveda?

The history of Ayurveda goes back 5,000 years. At present there are more and more physicians from all over the world who are interested in it and who have adapted this medicinal system to our western society. Ayurveda and ayurvedic treatment techniques have been proven effective in many clinical studies. Ayurveda should be the first choice in case of chronic (drawn-out) illness, which cannot be treated in a satisfactory manner by conventional medicine. Ayurveda aims not only to treat the sick person, but also to prevent illness in healthy people, who can get ill due to stress, family problems and so on. Therefore it is not possible to call Ayurveda, the science of life, merely as alternative medicine.

How effective is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a very effective system of health that is being more and more recognized in the West. It is one of the primary systems of health care in India, and has been used for thousands of years for all sorts of ailments and disorders. Thousands of people around the globe have turned to Ayurveda and today Ayurveda is popular all over the world. Hospitals and clinics offer it, the media reports on it, researchers examine it, and people love it. Ayurveda has stood the test of time; people continue to practice it privately and openly, from little clinics in India to large span all over the world.

It’s full effectiveness will depend on various considerations, including the age and state of health of the individual, how much effort they are willing to put into making the necessary changes towards better health, and how compliant they are with taking their formulas and following the recommended guidelines. Since an Ayurvedic regimen is very individualized, its results will depend on individual factors as well, and on follow-up treatments, since adjustments and close supervision are absolutely necessary to obtain optimal results.

What should I expect from a consultation?

It’s an OTC product so no prescription or consultation is required.You can either fill the form which is available on our website or you can call on our helpline number to have a detail consultation with an expert .On your first visit, the consultant will take a brief medical historyand might ask for medical reports. The practitioner will also ask you questions about your general health, paying special attention to your lifestyle, diet, habits, and surroundings. The given suggestions will help you in changing your entire lifestyle.

What are the differences between Ayurveda and western medicine?

Ayurveda does not stand against western medicine. In acute cases, the role of classical medicine is irreplaceable. In chronic illnesses, combination with Ayurveda can be beneficial, and in many chronic illnesses Ayurveda achieves excellent results even where classical medicine has failed. Ayurveda is strictly individual (the treatment is determined on the basis of given person’s constitution and state of his/her health). It aims at the elimination of causes, not the suppression of symptoms; during the treatment only natural remedies free of any side effects are used. The cause of illness can be found in the inner imbalance as well as in the relation with the surrounding environment whereas western medicine considers, for instance, virus or bacteria as the main cause.

What importance do herbs have?

Herbs are gentle and natural treatment. They do not have any side effects, because they are compatible with the body’s own chemicals. They are absorbed easily and because of their different characteristics (desiccant/humid, incentive/sedative etc.) it is possible to choose exactly the right herbs in right proportion which can cure in the given case depending on the illness.

What is the importance of food in Ayurveda?

According to Ayurveda up to 70 % of illnesses can be influenced by correct diet. A maximally satisfying diet that leads the organism to balance can be designed in compliance with the constitution. Ayurveda does not forcibly forbid any food, nor does it incline to any artificial unnatural diet, but rather in each group (fruit, vegetables, meat, cereals and dairy products) there are certain food that are more appropriate and others less so. Properly chosen food, through its own quality, has a curative influence on particular organ.

Can Ayurveda really cure cancer?

It must be remembered that Ayurveda does not claim to ‘cure’ disease, but to restore balance to the body, and mind. Cancer is an involved tridosha imbalance at the cellular level. Ayurveda recommends herbal, diet and lifestyle therapy to help support you so that you are as healthy as possible whilst managing your cancer. It is recommended that cancer patients check with their physician or primary health care provider.

Can Ayurveda help chronic pain?

Yes. Personalized herbs, specific diet modifications and also specialized oils and massages prove very effective in pain management without side effects or drug dependency. Various forms of arthritis, and other conditions such as Fibromyalgia; or pain due to falls, traumas or repetitive stress –respond very well to Ayurvedic therapy.

Can Ayurveda help me prevent acute and chronic diseases?

Please remember that Ayurveda does not claim to treat, prevent or cure diseases, but only to restore balance to the physiology. When balance is restored, many diseases and disorders are often prevented and health is restored. This is the beauty of Ayurvedic lifestyle and food choices.

Do I have to be a vegetarian to follow an Ayurvedic lifestyle?

No, not at all. Ayurveda recommends food that are ideal for your body and mind and not as per any ‘ism’.While Ayurveda supports a healthy seasonal vegetarian diet; it similarly prescribes animal protein. Ayurveda works on the basis that what you eat will depend on which food serves your health and energy needs best? And, what you can digest? Your Ayurvedic practitioner will guide you with details in this area.

Can Ayurvedic herbal supplements help improve my health?

Ayurvedic herbal supplements may help to improve one's overall health, however, it is extremely important that they be taken in their compatible and complementary combinations, and that one also follows the necessary dietary and daily and seasonal recommendations for his or her particular constitution and health concerns. In order to get results using Ayurvedic herbal supplements, one needs to consume the product by oneself as it claims not to have any side effect

Can I take Ayurvedic medicines along with my regular allopathic medicines?

We generally don't advise to immediately discontinue allopathic medicines if you are under treatment for conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, neurological disorders, arthritis, mental disorders and heart diseases. Besides, there is no harm in taking both types of medicines as long as you keep your Ayurvedic doctor informed. However, it is important to maintain at least an hour gap between the two types of medications. In due course of time, depending on your progress, the Ayurvedic doctor may reduce the dose of the allopathic medicines. Make sure that you follow any advice or recommendation given by the consultant regarding this process.

Is one product sufficient or cure for all ailments?

We have various ingredients mixed for various ailments.As a result different types of herbal extracts to be used according to the ailment.Depending upon the type and intensity of the ailment the herbal extract to be taken in combination of two to three varieties.

How does miracle drinks taste?

It's a bit bitter in taste, to mask this bitterness and herbs raw smell, lemon and honey can be added.Once seal is opened it must be refrigerated. The raw smell of herbs is reduced if it is chilled. While consuming adding hot water still reduces the herb smell. Few drops of Lemon juice or honey can be added



At what time should miracle drinks be consumed?

It must be consumed on empty stomach for easy and maximum absorption

  • 1 to2 hours Prior to lunch
  • 1 to 2 hours Prior to dinner
What is the recommended dosage for miracle drinks?

Recommended dosage is 30ml mixed with 60ml of hot water.

* Dosage varied as per ailment and suggestion by health consultant.

Are there any side effects associated with miracle drinks?

No side effects have been reported till date.It is basically a decoction of leaves and herbs.

Are any additives added to miracle drinks?

No additives, colours or flavours are added to enhance the taste, colour or smell of the medicine. It is kept in the raw form to be chemical free.

What is the best method of storageof miracle drinks?

Once seal is opened, it must be refrigerated. On refrigeration, the raw smell of herbs is reduced. While consuming adding hot water still reduces the herb smell. Few drops of Lemon juice or honey can be added

Should there be a gap between each medicine?

When taking more than one medicine a gap of 5 to 10 minutes between each is recommended or all can be mixed together with hot water and then consumed.

How do I shop on Miracle Drinks?

Log on to www.miracledrinks.in and register with miracle drinks. You can visit the array of products and put them into shopping cart by clicking on “Add to Cart” from home page.

How do I go about purchasing the Miracle Drinks?

Our shopping process is extremely simple. Go to the respective product you want to buy and add it to your cart. Your payment options will be displayed, proceed according to instructions.

Is COD (Cash on Delivery) available?

Yes, all Miracle Drinks products displayed on our portal have a COD Option. COD options is subject to geographic locations stated in pin code list.

Can my order be shipped to a different address than the billing address?

Yes, but shipping address must be within India and order value to be greater than INR 1500

How long will it take to get my order?

We work hard to make sure your order reaches you on time. But in unforeseen situations you product might take a little longer. 7-10 working days for locations outside Bangalore.

How do I Contact you?

You can reach us via our “Contact Us” page. You can also call us on 7847079999 from 10:00am-7pm on all days.

Is there a minimum order value ?

No, you can even buy one bottle of Miracle Drinks and we will dispatch it to you, provided the courier service is available at your choice of location.

After placing the order how many days will it take to receive Miracle Drinks ?

Depending on the availability of service for that particular region, it should take anywhere between 3 to 7 days.
For remote locations, or for those which the courier service is not available, kindly check with Miracle Drinks team prior to placing an order.

Is there is a delivery charge ?

Yes, currently the charges are pegged at Rs. 50.00 per bottle.

Who is the courier service provider ?


Can we track the orders placed on the website ?

Yes, you can track the order on Miracledrinks.in by clicking on the link on the header of the website ‘track your order’.

How can we make payments for the purchase ?

www.MiracleDrinks.in has a payment gateway integrated with the website. One can pay either through, Credit card, Debit card or through your Internet Banking account.

Is Cash on Delivery (COD) service available ?

Yes, Cash on Delivery (COD) service is available. However, certain regions are not serviced by the courier service provider. Kindly check with Miracle Drinks before you place the order.

What other modes of payment are available ?

You can deposit account payee cheque into the account of Miracolo Drinks Pvt. Ltd. or deposit cash into the account of Miracolo Drinks Pvt Ltd.

Kindly contact the office prior to making a cash deposit or issuing an account payee cheque.

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