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Blood pressure symptoms and treatment are common in modern lifestyle. This has made us susceptible to a host of ailments. As we are stepping away from nature, many of nature’s supplements are slowly vanishing. The stress and race of this lifestyle leaves the individual physically and mentally vulnerable. Although the modern man claims to have developed an advanced medical care with sophisticated medical equipment and powerful medicines, he is still struggling to conquer a number of ailments like acute renal failure, chronic kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gastric problems, liver cirrhosis, kidney stone, cancer, gangrene, diabetes, asthma etc. Its here where the time tested and globally appreciated realm of Ayurveda steps in.

Seldom are we aware how an incident can lead to a surprising turn of events, as much as, to a great invention. A senior IAS officer had his father suffering from kidney failure in 2008 and his second son suffering from blood cancer in 2010. Since he had heard about Vedas being rich source of methods and measures for blood pressure symptoms and treatment , he started reading them and other diseases which is discovered by the role of plant parts in healing the body. Being an agriculture science graduate with the background of medicinal plants course study, he researched further to develop medicines that can heal our body with having no side effects. He developed Ayurvedic medicines and administered in principles of allopathic medicine. He first successfully tested his own age old rheumatoid arthritis, later used it to treat his father for kidney failure and for his son (along with allopathic medicine). Now all of them are leading a healthy life. Encouraged with the results he started researching further. He addressed a lot of common but serious ailments like Liver diseases treatment in bangalore and found herbs extracts based on healing solutions. The results were so drastic that people who were relieved, termed these potions as “Miracle”and hence the inventor named them as “Miracle Drinks”. Now it's a brand name.

A number of eminent personalities who had various incurable health disorders across India and beyond, volunteered to use the medicines on themselves. blood pressure symptoms and treatment are available and the results were amazing, that's when the idea of helping people at large struck the inventor and he decided to produce these potions to address different ailments. In 2015, the inventor, Mr.S.M.Raju gave the formula to Mallur Flora and Hospitality Private Limited, a Bangalore based company for commercial production on a condition that 50% of the profit from its sale has to be spent on education of rural poor children in Gurukul Ashram concept from 6th standard to 12th standards in CBSE English medium. A personal tragedy thus became a blessing for the entire mankind.

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