Mallur Flora & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd

Mallur Flora & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. established in 1998 having hotel building which is being
Rented to Pizza Hut and nandana group of restaurant and also having the formulation rights to produce Miracle Drink 8 products namely ANTI AGEING SUPPORT, ORTHO SUPPORT CARDIO VASCULAR SUPPORT, LIVER HEALTH SUPPORT, RENAL CARE, GASTRO SUPPORT, IMMUNE CARE,SUGAR CARE SUPPORT and Vedic Drink products namely VED NATURAE, VED ORTHOA, VED HEARTICA, VED LIVA, VED RENALIS, VED IMMUNAE, VED INSULINA and also cold pressed FLAX SEED oil.

Vedic Drink, USA Incorporation

Vedic Drink, USA Incorporation, Milpitas, San Fransisco

It has been establish in year 2019. It is authorised for marketing of Vedic Drinks branded health supplements globally.

Miracolo Drinks Pvt. Ltd

Miracolo Drinks Pvt. Ltd is established in May 07, 2016. The Main objective is to market Miracle Drinks Ayurvedic proprietary medicines across the country.

Sai Venkateshwara Pvt. Ltd

Sai Venkateshwara Pvt. Ltd Established in May 06, 2016. TheMain objective is to supply and cultivate the raw material for Mallur Flora Pvt. Ltd.