Achievement update

Structured unique policy while working as secretary in rural development department in Bihar. The policy has been considered as the best practices in the country by the research being done by Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy, Mussoorie and later on it has become the National policy.

To create awareness and confidence on government officials and around panchayat raj institutions mobilised around 3 lakh people and planted 96.4 lakh plants on August 29, 2009, which has created history in the world and BBC titled Mr. Raju as “Indian Tree Planting Guru”.

An Indian civil servant, SM Raju, has come up with a novel way of providing employment to millions of poor in the eastern state of Bihar.

His campaign to encourage people to plant trees effectively addresses two burning issues of the world: global warming and shrinking job opportunities.

Evidence of Mr Raju’s success could clearly be seen on 30 August, when he organised 300,000 villagers from over 7,500 villages in northern Bihar to engage in a mass tree planting ceremony.

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Later honourable Ex President Mr. A.P.J ABDUL KALAM wrote in his book “Target 3 Billion” about this achievement and today entire country through ministry of rural development, Govt of India scheme, Mr. S. M Raju’s created principles is being followed.

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