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RENAL CARE for Cell Regeneration Process and to improve the Glomerular Filtration rate in CKD


Chronic Kidney Disease is a complex condition in which there is a progressive declination in the function of kidneys with serious and dreadful complications which result in low life expectancy of the sufferer, and it can be correlated to as an amalgamation of the pathology related to Rasa Pradosaja vikara, Kaphaja shotha, Pandu, Mutrakriccha, Mutraghata, Prameha and its complications which are called as Vrikka roga (Kidney diseases).

As mentioned in Charaka chikitsa ( 26/ 27-28) due to excessive physical exertion, intake of irritant drugs, rough food and wine intake, riding on a fast moving vehicle, over eating meat of marshy animals and fish & indigestion leads to eight types of Mutrakrchra (Dysuria) because of which the doshas get vitiated either separately by their respective causes or all together and gets located ( sthana samshraya) in kidney/urinary bladder & press upon the urinary passage due to which the person urinates with difficulty leading to scanty & painful urination (vataja), burning micturation (pittaja) and there might be heaviness and swelling (kaphaja).

Acharya Charaka has explained that when vata reaching the bahya srotas (mutravaha srotas being one among them) effects kapha, rakta and pitta & gets obstructed by them, then while spreading causes swelling with the characteristics of protruberance.

According to Ayurveda, Chronic Kidney Disease resembles with Mutrakrchra/ Mutraghat /Aama in Mutra vaha Strotas. Ama in mutravaha strotas hamper the function of kidney. That causes excessive toxins in the body. The treatment plan like Mutrala , Katu, Tikta Rasatmak, Agnidipana , Pachana and Rasayana (Rejuevenate) dravyas can be advocated accordingly.


    Functions of Kidneys
  • Urine formation
  • Erxcretion of waste products
  • Regulation of Electrolytes
  • Control of water balance
  • Control of blood pressure
  • Regulation of red blood cell production
  • Synthesis of Vitamin D

Human system has a simple mechanism of functioning in a healthy individual and the same simple mechanism turns to a complex one in a diseased person. Kidney is an organ which is majorly involved in the excretory function. With the impairment in the functions of the Kidney the patient starts with a range of diseases if not diagnosed or treated properly and on time. Chronic Kidney disease is one such kind.

Various root causes of CKD and Glomerular filtration rate

Chronic kidney disease includes conditions that damage kidneys and decrease their ability to filter wastes from the blood. If kidney disease worsens, wastes can build to high levels in the blood and lead to various other conditions like high blood pressure, anemia (low blood count), weak bones, poor nutritional health, nerve damage and many others. CKD also increases the risk of having heart and blood vessel disease. These problems may happen slowly over a long time.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus and Hypertension are the main causative factor of CKD. The presence of high glucose levels for prolonged period leads to the thickening of the glomerular basement membrane and mesangial expansion which further affects the glomerular filteration rate (GFR). Similarly Hypertension affects the capillary blood flow leading to bleeding & blood clots. As the GFR value decreases, the disease progresses to ESRD( End stage renal disease) and the risk of involvement of other body organs increases.

In the present scenario, no treatment is available for CKD except for Dialysis or Kidney transplant. Synthetic medications (chemical formulations) are only helpful in managing the creatinine levels for a certain period. As the treatment of CKD is aimed at specific causes of CKD. For slowing the progress of CKD, concern is given to protein restriction, reducing intraglomerular hypertension, proteinuria, hyper uremia, control of blood sugar,managing the complications and finally renal replacement.


Therapeutic regimen that has been formulated by Miracle drinks has a definite role in the management of Chronic Kidney Disease that helps in the regeneration of the kidney functions thereby helping in the proper excretion of the wastes from the body thereby improving the quality of life of CKD patients and to lead a normal life without undergoing much expensive procedures like dialysis & kidney transplantation.

Treatment protocol for CKD due to Hypertension

Morning Afternoon Evening
S3 S3 S3
S4 S4
S5 S5
  • S3 – Cardiovascular support
  • S4 – Liver health support
  • S5 – Renal suppot

Treatment protocol for CKD due to Diabetes Mellitus

Morning Afternoon Evening
S10 S3 S10
S4 S4
S5 S5
  • S3 – Cardiovascular support
  • S4 – Liver health support
  • S5 – Renal suppot
  • S10 – Sugar Care


Dosage :

: 15 ml each before food


The ingredients present in the above mentioned protocol are tradionally used for the management of various vrkka rogas ( kidney diseases).

Gokshura is a widely used mutrala dravya in the clinical practice. It has madhura rasa, guru-snigdha guna and sheeta veerya. The studies suggest diuretic properties of gokshura are due to large quantities of nitrates and potassium salts. It also helps in the regeneration of the kidney.

Other ingredients like Haritaki, Nimba, Amlakki has tikta, kashaya and madhura rasa, laghu guna and ushna veerya. These drugs act as shothahara. By the diuretic action, it flushes out the toxin and reduces excess fluid retention. Thus helps in reducing pedal edema, burning micturition and improves urine output. The compounds present in Haritaki also helps to promote the insulin sensitivity thereby controlling the blood sugar levels and building up the immunity through its antioxidant properties to the insulin production in the body

The anti-inflammatory property of Guduchi helps in cases of Diabetic neuropathy, nephropathy, athropathy by reducing the pain, swelling and helps in both Macro and Micro Circulation.

Additional benefits:

  • Blood thinning
  • Strengthening of arties
  • Regulates hypertension
  • Detoxifies liver and kidney
  • Provides longevity and prevention of heart attacks
  • Relieves oxidative stress
  • Fat formation on liver
  • Reduce cyst formation
  • Helps in removal and acts against reformation of kidney and gall stones
  • Improves digestion and gives relieves from intestinal gas
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and mental tension


Along with the treatment protocol above mentioned, a tailored diet is advised with protein & fluid restriction

  1. Tapering of necessary medications: Regular monitoring of the blood sugar levels & blood pressure is advised. This is to make sure that once the pancreas begin to work or the blood pressure starts to normalize, the medicines taken in general to regulate these levels can be tapered accordingly.
  2. What medicines should be avoided: Synthetic medicines (chemical formulations) are harmful for the body; they provide instant relief but have serious side – effects that affect the body as a whole. Therefore, avoiding cholesterol tablets like statins, blood thinners, uric acid pills, water / diuretic pill, supplements like prebiotic, probiotic, calcium, sodium, vitamin tablets & other gastro- intestinal related synthetic tablets would help the body to function on its own without being dependent on medicines as the human body has got a self repair mechanism.
  3. Supplements viz. Renal support (S5), Cardiovascular support (S3), Liver health support (S4) , Sugar care (S10) and the diet protocol along with home remedies has a action similar to blood thinners, reduces cholesterol levels, diuretics, vitamin & calcium supplements, prebiotics, probiotics and is rich in Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids.

Invitro Study on Renal Care for its Nephroprotective potential in Hydrogen Peroxide induced Toxicity in Baby Hamster Kidney Fibroblasts

Ayurveda has a huge potential in the management of various kidney disorders but the revalidation of facts enumerated in ayurvedic classics has been of prime importance in current scenario.

RENAL CARE was experimentally validated for its Nephro – protective effect in an invitro study. Nephro – protective action was tested with an understanding that once the kidney starts functioning normally then the disease vains off. “ Renal care ” that was studied exhibited significant Nephro -protective effect against H2O2 induced oxidative stress in dose dependent manner in Baby Hamster Kidney (BHK-21) cells.

Our Proprietary Science of NEO – AYURVEDA©

Our Proprietary Science of Neo–Ayurveda© focuses on restoring, rejuvenating and re-building the system at the Cellular level i.e., by de-toxifying the cell, regulating cellular metabolic activity and cellular respiration system, nourishment of the under-nourished cell through phytochemicals extracted from herbal compounds and natural food items (used as medicine) by triggering gut-beneficial microbes to release specific enzymes that act as a catalyst to release nutrients. Food is considered a medicine in Ayurveda. This, in conjunction with certain dietary principles, nourishes the cells and helps in its rejuvenation. This proprietary science is an outcome of 35+ years of research and study of the benefits of herbal medicinal plants, their decoctions and formulations, combined with the Allopathic principles of scientific research and practice. It combines the essence of the age-old Vedic literature and makes it contemporaneously relevant to the modern times.

Thus, the herbal concoctions used at Miracle Drinks, aim at ‘restoring’ the imbalance or the disease process occurring within the body - to recover and regain equilibrium. Combination of beneficial phytochemicals, organic and pure food inputs, dietary and nutrition management with Yoga and Meditation – all combine to stop cell/ organ deterioration and help re-instate and restore order in the human body.