Can Herbal Dietary Supplements Supercharge Your Immune System?

Can Herbal Dietary Supplements Supercharge Your Immune System?

Today’s lifestyle is hardly ideal. Either we are not sleeping enough, or we are sitting too much in front of the screen, have unhealthy eating practices, or just not getting the required amount of exercise. The sum total is often a weak immune system that makes us prone to incessant cold, flu, cough, and other diseases. The solution lies in herbal dietary supplements.

Understanding how immunity works

The immune system defends our body against disease by fighting infection. This immunity is provided by many different cells, tissues, and organs who hunt and destroy harmful pathogens that enter our body.

A weak immunity, therefore, is a reason for concern. As seen in the recent pandemic, people with weakened immunity were much more vulnerable to coronavirus.

The bottom line is—a strong immune system provides resilience to the body.

How we can supercharge the immune system

Some parts of our immune system require vitamins and minerals (such as vitamins A, C, and zinc) to function normally. Of our elaborate immune system, 70% of it lives in our gut. Therefore, we can nourish and nurture our immunity with proper dietary regulations. Such as preferring:

  • fruits with Vitamin C
  • vegetables packed with vitamins and antioxidants
  • unsweetened yogurt for Vitamin D
  • lean proteins
  • avoiding processed food

Still, no matter how good we eat, something can upset the delicate balance of our immunity in our gut. We can’t overhaul our lives completely and they add so much stress to our bodies and weaken our immune systems.

The case of herbal dietary supplements

After appropriate diet and lifestyle tweaks, supercharging the immune system requires something more. Good-quality nutritional supplements or herbal dietary supplements can bolster our innate healing abilities. The key word is ‘natural’ since our body has gone through enough and we don’t want to pump further chemicals in it.

Herbal dietary supplements involve concentrated forms of various types of nutrients that include vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements, amino acids, and enzymes. They are aimed at increasing the absorption of nutrients by our body and have evidence of their benefits. They aid as well trigger our body’s self–healing power, rebalancing the immune system.

Supplements do offer support

The phrase, ‘prevention is better than cure’ is a wise one and in case of herbal dietary supplements it means attending to the upset immune system before the situation becomes severe. Many studies conducted on supplements have found that supplements can really benefit and supercharge our immune system.

For instance, dietary flaxseed through their anti-inflammatory action have a variety of health-related benefits and cardiovascular benefits. If our regular diet does not include a certain vitamin or enzyme, herbal dietary supplements are the best way to complete that lack. For example, those who do not eat fish do not posses the required amount of Omega-3 fatty acid.

Being aware

Supplements make sure that enough essential nutrients are present to maintain or improve health. However, not everyone may need them! Eating a variety of healthy foods can provide all nutrients but our food intake is largely dictated by taste and flavour. In short, we just don’t eat healthy all the time. Herbal dietary supplements fill this gap.

Safe and effective use of herbal dietary supplements should be guided by proper certifications that guarantee the true organic nature of products. As the world deals with pandemics and effects of a deteriorating environment, herbal dietary supplements can be your immunity supercharger.

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