Home remedies for enhancing body immunity

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Morning Diet

Step 1 –

In an empty stomach:

½ or 1 lemon juice, ½ tea spoon turmeric powder, pinch of black pepper powder and pinch of cinnamon powder with lukewarm water

Step 2 –

Eat (chew thoroughly) the following prebiotics;

  • Garlic raw – 3 Cloves (Three small pieces)
  • Ginger raw – 2 Slices (Thin Slices)
  • Fenugreek/ Methi Seeds – 2 tsp (soaked overnight or sprouted)

Step 3 –

Meditate for 30 minutes;

  • Pranayama – 10 minutes
  • Kapalabati – 10 minutes
  • Anuloma Vilmoa – 10 minutes

Step 4 –

Flax diet should be taken as a 1st course of breakfast , Second course should be fruits and third course cereals -if you feel hungry then only one should have.

Afternoon Diet

Leached Raw vegetable juice followed with lunch if possible. In lunch one should follow 30 to 40% of cereals and 60 to 70% of leafy vegetables and other any vegetables , 5% pulses and easily digestible proteins like fish, chicken and mushroom.

Night Diet

Night as per your choice.

Please note:

  • People suffering from diabetes and blood pressure will be affected by following this course; their blood pressure levels and sugar levels may start normalizing, hence their blood pressure levels and sugar levels must be monitored regularly and the allopathic medication should be tapered down accordingly with the consultation of the doctor.
  • By following this diet, the cholesterol and uric acid levels start normalizing, simultaneously edema also starts get normalized. Additionally, the gastrointestinal system starts to revitalize. Therefore, statins, blood thinners, uric acid pills, water/diuretic pills and other gastrointestinal related synthetic tablets should be avoided with the consultation of Doctor. During the period of the consumption of this diet, if people suffering from diabetes forgo statins, blood thinners, and gastrointestinal related synthetic pills, the body’s natural system will secrete insulin relatively quickly.