Fermented rice is the healthiest breakfast food and a probiotic. Even today many people look down at this nutritious food as a poor man’s food. By consuming fermented rice, all those essential minerals and nutrients get released into the body making us healthier. The lactic acid bacteria break down the anti-nutritional factors in rice resulting in an improved bioavailability of micro-nutrients and minerals such as iron, potassium and calcium by several thousand percentage points. For example, after 12 hours of fermentation of 100 grams of rice, the availability of iron changes from 3.4 mg to 73.91mg. It also has the rare B6 and B12 vitamins which are not otherwise easily available in other food supplements. White rice can be replaced with fermented rice as a main course with any accompaniments/side dishes during lunch. As such it can be consumed in any manner and with anything and everything. Add any seasonings or tempering of your choice. For best results eat it at breakfast. It’s very simple to make fermented rice. Only two ingredients are required. Water and rice. It is highly nutritious when made with boiled rice or brown rice.


    • The best and most nutritious breakfast
    • Neutralizes body heat
    • Umps energy throughout the day
    • Light feel
    • Removes lethargy from body
    • Increases gut bacteria
    • Removes constipation
    • Relieves all digestive issues
    • Shiny skin and radiant look
    • Regulates body temperature
    • Increases digestion
    • Helps to beat Sunstroke
    • Regulates blood pressure and hypertension
    • Helps in ulcer, allergies, skin ailments
    • Increases immunity
    • Removes muscular pain
    • Richest source of B12 for vegetarians


Any vessel is okay to make this dish, best when made in an earthen pot


Soak cooked rice in water. Leave it to ferment for 12 hours or overnight.


Soak cooked rice in buttermilk. Leave it for 12 hours or overnight.


    • This can be consumed as you wish, with anything or everything, few options are given below
    • Can be eaten just bland as it is
    • Adding salt is optional
    • Seasonings that can be added are salt, roasted cumin powder
    • Tempering can be added like – oil, mustard, curry leaves, red chilies
    • Excess water can be retained or drained out and tempering given
    • Add raw chopped fine onion, green chilies, grated ginger, coriander leaves, salt
    • Curds or buttermilk can be added while fermenting or while consuming
    • Can be added as a main course during lunch or dinner
    • Can be consumed few spoonsful while eating other dishes