Graviola Extracts (Lakshmanphal)

Graviola is very effective in reducing the growth of cancerous cells.


People allergic to Graviola should not consume it, alos stop consuming the Graviola Extracts ones the growth of uncontrolled cell stops/reduces significantly.

Ingredients to prepare 1 serving of Graviola Extracts-
    1. Water – 100ml
    2. Graviola Leaves -2 leaves
Preparation –
    • Wash the Graviola Leaves
    • Boil the water in a port
    • Add the leaves (teat the leaves before adding it into the pot) to the water and let it boil.
    • Please a lid on the port and let it simmer(low flame) for three minutes.
    • Turn off the gas and let it cool.
    • Pass the solution through a sieve.
Consumption Guide –
    • Consume as recommended.
    • Else, this can be prepared and consumed just like green tea.