Kidney (Renal) failures occur mostly due to dehydration, excessive intake of synthetic medicines, diabetes mellitus, irregular blood pressure, etc.

Understanding the Stages of Chronic Kidney Disease:

Chronic Kidney Disease is divided into 5 stages depending on the Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR). The following table shows the stages of Kidney Diseases indicated by the GFR and how it is managed

Stages GFR Description Management
Stage 1 90 or above Kidney damage with normal or high GFR The cause of Kidney damage is
detected early and treatment
begins. It is important to manage
other problems such as Diabetes
and Hypertension.
Stage 2 60 – 89 Kidney damage with
slightly lower GFR
The doctor estimates how quickly
Kidney Disease progresses.
Diabetes and Hypertension will
need to be kept under control
by regularly monitoring it.
Stage 3 30 – 59 Kidney damage with
moderately low GFR
The doctor usually checks for Anemia.
The treatment begins at this point.
Stage 4 15 – 29 Kidney damage with
severely low GFR
The doctor and you will have to
come to a decision as to which
treatment would be preferable
in the event of a kidney failure.
The doctor will monitor your
health condition closely.
Stage 5 <15 Kidney failure You will have to start dialysis or
have to go through kidney
transplant. You will also have
to regularly see your doctor for
treatment or have consultation.