This diet or Miracle Drinks Health supplements, treats Liver Enlargement, etc. This diet has been prepared after extensive research into the numerous methods available to effectively rejuvenate the deteriorating organ and after collection numerous testimonials, etc.

Additional Benefits:Following this diet also helps with Increasing platelet count, Anemia and Diabetes.


It is of paramount importance to strictly follow the guidelines presented below. If one is not willing to follow the given guidelines, then we recommend that you discontinue the consumption of Miracle Drinks Supplements.

    1. Do NOT consume more than 5 gm of salt a day.
    2. Do NOT consume more than 1 Liter of water a day.
    3. Do NOT consume the following –
      • Oils and Fats
      • Fruit Juices
      • Aerated Beverages 
      • Alcohol 
      • Tender Coconut Juice
      • Coconut Based Dishes Including Chutney
      • Banana
      • Foods rich in Potassium
      • Toor Dal
      • Horse Gram
      • Millets
      • All coarse grains like – Jowar, Ragi,Bajari, Siridhanya
      • No forms of bread or processed biscuit.etc
    4. Cereals (Wheat & Rice) can be consumed.
    5. Before consuming vegetables, make sure that it is leached. To leach vegetables; Wash, Peel and cut the vegetables into small pieces. Soak the vegetables in room temperature water (vegetable to water ratio should be 1:10) for 4 hours or overnight. Discard the water, and rinse it again in hot water before cooking the vegetables. Leafy vegetables can be consumed in limited quantities.
    6. For a good urine flow, we recommend the consumption of water fried fish/paneer with diuretic herbs (Recipe in page 4) This helps in regenerating the glomerulus capillaries filtration.
    7. Consume Green Gram Dal and Bengal Gram Dal in LIMITED quantities.
    8. Practice Yoga daily; 40 sets of Bhastrika and 20 sets of Anuloma Viloma.
    9. Try to sit under the sun daily.
    10. To increase haemoglobin levels, eat figs or consume Ferrum Phosphoricum Tablets Daily.
Things to keep in mind
    1. Miracle Drinks Supplements are compatible to be consumed with Allopathic Medication.
    2. Miracle Drinks Supplements are 100% Vegetarian, Herbal, Natural. These supplements DO NOT contain metals or animal products.
    3. Initially, one might feel nauseous while consuming Miracle Drinks or the Flax Drink. To reduce this sensation, for the first 15-20 days, only consume half the recommended quantity of Miracle Drinks Supplements, and 2-3 spoons of the flax drink. Gradually increase it to the recommended quantity.
    4. IF undergoing dialysis, consume Miracle Drinks supplements a few hours after the dialysis procedure, or few hours before dialysis.
    5. We recommend to check the creatinine levels every month or fortnight while consuming Miracle Drinks Supplements and encourage to share the state of progress with us in order to optimize this chart further
    6. If the creatinine level shoots up, it is recommended to cut the consumption of protein intake like eggs pulsion chicken and control the food habits.
    7. If the potassium levels shoot up, it is recommended to cut the consumption of fruits consumed strictly leaching vegetables.

Consumption Guide

Consume 15ml each of the Miracle Drinks Supplements

  • S1 Anti-Ageing
  • S4 Liver Support
  • S5 Renal Care

Consume 15ml each of the Miracle Drinks Supplements

  • S3 Cardiovascular

Consume 15ml each of the Miracle Drinks Supplements

  • S1 Anti-Ageing
  • S4 Liver Support
  • S5 Renal Care

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Disclaimer –

The author and publishers of the content regarding the use of Miracle Drinks supplements or any other supplements does not assume the responsibility for any reactions that may result directly or indirectly from the use of Miracle Drinks supplements.