Why Are Miracle Drinks Herbal Supplements Truly a Health Miracle?

Why Are Miracle Drinks Herbal Supplements Truly a Health Miracle ?

Since the beginning of human history, herbal concoctions derived from nature have been used widely to prevent and cure diseases, heal wounds, treat infections, relieve pain, and boost health in general. 

Even today, a significant chunk of pharmaceutical products is plant-based. In the ancient Indian medical science Ayurveda, botanicals and herbs are used profusely as preventive and curative measures.

So what is this herbal craze?

Traditionally, the principles of Ayurveda were woven into our lifestyle naturally. With the increasing complexities of modern life, our diets have lost the natural goodness of plants and herbs. However, with rising consciousness about healthy living and strong immunity, interest in traditional herbal medicine has been rekindled to bring back the ancient Ayurvedic therapies into our daily lives. 

The focus is gradually changing from treating symptoms with expensive drugs and surgeries to preventing diseases with lifestyle change and dietary boost through herbal supplements.

Herbal supplements, obtained from botanicals and other natural resources, can be taken along with a regular diet to improve cardiovascular health, digestion, overall immunity and slow down the ageing process.

Herbal supplements, which are primarily used for therapeutic purposes, also aim to alleviate users’ all-inclusive wellness. A report has revealed that about 960 different species of plants are used in Indian Ayurveda. A sample of what goes in these supplements include names like Indian Gooseberry (Amla), Indian Blackberry (Jamun), Neem, Arjun, Fenugreek, Cinnamon, Garlic, Ginger, Turmeric, Flaxseed, Mint, etc.

Miracle Drinks Herbal Supplements –

have all these indigenous plant-based extracts in their formulations that are based on ancient Vedic scriptures like the Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita, among others. So how exactly do these herbal supplements help us? Let us explore.

Improves immunity

Fast and hectic modern lifestyle has led us to lead a sedentary life. We resort to more and more packaged foods. Our dietary habits have abandoned traditional recipes that included local and seasonal produces. As a result, we suffer from low immunity and various other lifestyle complications. Herbal supplements improve gut-microbial health, thus improving overall organ health leading to an improved immune system.

Regulates metabolism and detoxifies our body

Herbal supplements contain phytochemicals that rejuvenate and detoxify the human body. Flaxseeds, for example, have Omega 3 and 6, which regulate our cellular metabolism and respiration, thus helping in detoxifying our system.

Overall well-being leads to glowing skin

Who does not want glowing skin? But with bad habits such as lack of exercise and improper sleep, most people end up with less-than-healthy skin. Herbal supplements, on principle, pushes us towards a holistic change in lifestyle, thus inducing overall well-being. The result is invariably a happy us and happy skin!

All of the above reasons (and many more) should be enough to start your bond with Miracle Drinks Herbal Supplements that contain 100% organic herbal extracts duly tested at accredited laboratories. 

Research documents of these herbal supplements vouch of their compatibility with prescription drugs, so there could be no instances of adverse interaction with prescribed medications, if any. Apart from anti-ageing support and immunity building, a range of supplements offers support to various health complications, including Osteoarthritis, Cardiovascular disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, Liver & Kidney disorders, Diabetes care, etc.

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