Banana Stem Juice

Banana stem has many health benefits. Mainly, its used to flush out Kidney stones. It helps in other issues like Anemia, Diabetes, Urinary tract infection, cholesterol, constipation, weight reduction and also detoxification.

The easiest way to consume it, is to make a juice out of it.

Ingredients -

  • Banana stem – 1 (about 2-inch roundel)

Preparation -

  • Wash and remove the outer layer of the stem
  • Chop it into cubes
  • Put in a mixer grinder and grind it into a paste
  • Add water to adjust consistency, it must be drinkable
  • The drink must NOT be strained, the high fiber content in the drink helps in all health issues.


  • Banana stem can be used as a vegetable too
  • To avoid decolorization, it is chopped and stored in Buttermilk