How Does It Work?

- Subscribe to our Miracle Program
- Avail the 14-day offer
- Visit for consultation
- Follow the steps
- After 14 days, experience the change yourself

Introductory Price  - ₹2999

Sugar Reversal Now Starts Only @₹2999

Don’t just bring sugar levels under control, cure it from the roots. Let the science of Neo Ayurveda show you a miracle within 14 days.

Why Should You Choose It?

Based on the science of Neo Ayurveda
- 40 years of research
- 100% Herbal, Organic, Vegan, and Halal
- 15000+ Type 2 Diabetic Patients Treated

What Do You Get?

As a part of our 6th Year Anniversary offer, you will get a complete package of: - Medicines
- Diet Books
- Doctor Consultation - Online & Offline
- Personal Health Consultation
- Free Courier Charges

Listen to the Man behind the Miracle himself to understand how this program helps you in a complete sugar reversal.

Mr.S.M. Raju's

37 years of exp

Dr Arun Kumar Thakur

MD, Clinical Research 

22 years of exp

Dr Anand Kumar Tripathi

Cardiac and Kidney care for chronic ailments

17 years of exp

Dr M Ravishankar, M.D. (Ay)

Clinical experience in treating chronic ailments

6 years of exp

Dr Rahul M Nair

Clinical experience in Diabetes and Chronic Kidney cases

15 years of exp

Dr Vidyadhar Balikai, M.D. (Ayu)

Experience in treating chronic ailments

We Provide

  • 24/7 Support
  • 11 Clinics
  • 170+ Chronic Health Ailments
  • Introductory Price  - ₹2999


    1. What is sugar reversal? 

    Sugar Reversal is the process of maintaining normal blood sugar levels without the help of any medications. It can be achieved through proper diet and lifestyle changes.

    2. How is Miracle Drinks different from others?

    Miracle Drinks uses the science of Neo Ayurveda, which is a blend of ancient Ayurveda and modern testing protocols.

    3. How does Neo Ayurveda work?

    Neo Ayurveda is designed to activate the cell regeneration process and rejuvenate health completely.

    4. Why is the subscription period 14 days long?

    - It takes 14 days for the science of Neo Ayurveda to show effects on your condition.

    5. What are the payment options available?

    You can sign up now and choose to pay online or pay after your visit for your consultation at one of our clinics.

    6. Are there any hidden charges?

    No. You won’t be charged anything beyond the price mentioned here, i.e., ₹2999