For Boosting the Immune System against Viruses ( Also assists people suffering from Cancer, Herpes and HIV)


GynaecIssues, Infertility, Gangrene, Diabetic Ulcer, Blood Pressure and Sugar.

Those consuming allopathic medicines for Diabetes and Blood Pressure issues must taper down the medication as the health condition gets better. The medicines must be tapped under the supervision of a consulting doctor.

Here, we have taken the protocol for herpes which calls for the consumption of Immune care twice.


    1. The body requires a well-balanced set of nutrients, the protocol stated above helps in the supplying the body with the nutrients required for the proper functioning of the organs. The gut microbes require Prebiotics and Probiotics (Available in the diet stated below) for releasing the enzymes which act as a catalyst to break down nutrients in the food that we consume. Consuming the Miracle Drinks supplements, possibly, effectively regenerated the cells in the body, which helps in facilitating the proper functioning of the body. Furthermore, this helps the body build up a strong immune system which helps with fighting off the invasive harmful bacteria and viruses.
    2. Consuming the Flax Diet stated below consists of Lignans, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids which helps in detoxifying the cells, regulating the cellular metabolic activity and the cellular respiratory system.
    3. Flax diet also comprises of Mucuna Pruriens , Black seed oil, cinnamon, turmeric powder, fenugreek seeds, all of which consist of various types of antioxidants and amino acids.
    4. Banana stem juice is also main detoxification agent.
    5. Baked fish and fermented rice is having an immense nutritional value.
    6. Practicing Pranayama enhances the lungs capacity by inhale more oxygen.


    • For adults – 15ml (1 cap) supplements with 30ml (2 caps) of warm water.
    • For children – 7.5ml ( ½cap) supplements with 15ml (1 caps) ofwarm water.

All supplements can be mixed together or taken individually.

  1. Miracle Drinks supplements
    • S1 – AntiAgeing Support
    • S7 – Immune Care
  2. Prebiotics – Garlic 2-4 flakes, Ginger 2 thin slices, Fenugreek seeds (Methi Dana) 1 teaspoon . All these should be chewed and swallowed (NOTE – Fenugreek Seeds should be soaked overnight. Sprouted seeds can be consumed as well.
  3. Flax Drink – Consume whenever you feel hungry or before breakfast and do not eat breakfast if you do not feel hungry (For preparation of flax drink – search miracle flax drink in google or YouTube
  4. 30 ml to 100 ml of banana stem juice as per your comfortand availability.
  5. Add fermented rice to your breakfast menu.( 50grms to 100 grms).
  1. Miracle Drinks supplements
    • S3 – Cardiovascular Support
  1. Miracle Drinks supplements
    • S1 – AntiAgeing Support
    • S7 – Immune Care
  2. Flax Drink – Consume whenever you feel hungry or before breakfast and do not eat breakfast if you do not feel hungry (For preparation of flax drink – search miracle flax drink in google or YouTube
  3. 30 ml to 100 ml of banana stem juice as per your comfortand availability.


    1. Timings are only indicative.
    2. Home remedies.
    3. For Kidney Patients – Warm the supplements and consume without water.
    4. The supplements can be stored in a cool and dry place or in a refrigerator. Avoid direct sunlight.
    5. Dilution with water is not mandatory.
    6. For faster relief 30ml of the supplement can be consumed.
    7. Preferably add one lemon juice if comfortable with supplements in the morning that will maintain the pH level in the body.
    8. In case of constipation or bloating consume 30ml of Gastro Support in the morning and in the evening.


    1. Low salt, no oily food, sugar and sugar free products should be consumed.
    2. Avoid junk food.
    3. No cheese, canned food, high sodium food and Bakery products.
Flax Drink Recipe

For audio-visual guide, search Miracle Flax Drink in Google or Youtube

1Flax Seeds15 grams (0.53 Oz. or 1 tablespoon)
2Cold Pressed Flax Oil5 to 15 ml (0.5 ?. Oz. or 1 tablespoon)
3Kapikachhu5 grams (1 tea spoon) (raw powder)
4Kalonji oil2.5 to 5 ml (1 tea spoon)
5Curds (Yogurt)100 grams (3.53 Oz.)
6Cinnamon Powder2.5 grams (0.10 Oz. or ½ teaspoon)
7Fenugreek Powder2.5 grams (0.10 Oz. or ½ teaspoon)
8Turmeric Powder2.5 grams (0.10 Oz. or ½ teaspoon)
9Black PepperA pinch
10WaterTo adjust consistency

In flax diet preparation flax seeds and curd is mandatory remaining ingredients as per availability, which you can use for preparation.

Method of Preparation

    1. Grind the ?ax seeds in a co?ee grinder ( or the smallest jar of a mixer grinder) to a ?ne powder like texture.
    2. In a medium jar of a mixer grinder, add all the other ingredients.
    3. Give it a churn.
    4. Add water and give it a churn, adjust consistency it must not be too thick or too watery.
    5. Pour it into a glass.
    6. Drink Immediately.


    1. If using Flax seed oil, add it in the mixer grinder as mentioned in step 2.
    2. Also, it must be ensured that the drink is churned properly to such a consistency that the Oil is not seen ?oating.
    3. Consume the Flax Drink within 15 minutes of preparation otherwiseit goes rancid.
    4. Twice in a day.

How to use Flax seeds –

    1. Do not roast or heat the flax seeds.
    2. “Do not grind and store the ?ax seeds, as it oxidises within 15 minutes. It must be ground freshly when required to prepare the ?ax drink”.
    3. To convert the oil (Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids) into water soluble, it must be mixed with curd (yoghurt), hence curd is used to make the ?ax drink . The Flax Drink (one portion) comprises of lignans, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids equivalent to 45 kilos of peanuts or 5.5 kilos of Cashew Nuts or 1 kilo of Salmon Fish. If the cold pressed ?ax seed oil is added, the quantum of the nutrients said above will double
    4. The role of the ?ax diet is :
      • Lignans detoxi?es the body and strengthens the cell membrane.
      • Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids regulate the cellular metabolic activity and the cellular respiratory system.
      • For Cancer patients, this diet acts as a chemo.
Tender Banana Shoot Extract

Ingredients for 1 serving (100 ml)

    1. Fresh Banana Stem – 150 grams


    1. Grind and extract the juice from the stem, don’t strain as the fiber is the medicine.
    2. Add a few drops of lemon juice.
    3. To make it palatable, it can be consumed with Buttermilk (Sour Milk) and salt.

Consumption Guide

    1. It can be consumed twice daily, once before breakfast or at evening snack time.


    1. The Banana stem can be stored in the refrigerator.
    2. The extracts can be stored in the refrigerator as well, but not for prolonged periods of time.
Spice Drink (For Cold and Cough)

Preparaon Of Spice Drink For Fever, Cold & Cough

1Ginger1/2 pinch
2Black pepper3
4Water200 ml
5JaggeryAs per the taste


    1. Add all the ingredients and boil for 5 – 10minutes in simmer,strain it and take this thrice a day. Cardamom – 1 Clove – 1
Papaya leaves extract : (If platelets are less)

Ingredients for 3 table spoonsExtract

1Papaya1 leaf

Method of Preparation

    1. Thoroughly wash the Papaya leaves with water and Grind adding a little water.
    2. Extract as much as 15 ml (0.5 ?. Oz.) of liquid. In a day 3 time need to be taken.
Renal Water Fried Fish


1Fish pieces 1 kg (make cubes or fingers)
2Ginger1.5 inch
3Garlic Paste 1 full pod
4Green Chilies3
5Coriander leavesOne fistful
6Mint leavesHalf ofcoriander
7Lemon juiceAs per the taste


    1. Make a paste of all ingredients except Fish pieces.
    2. Smear this ground paste to Fish pieces.
    3. Marinate for 15 minutes.
    4. Two ways to cook this.
    5. Method 1: Steam.
    6. Method 2: Heat the Tawa or griddle, put 2 spoon water and put fish pieces and cook by pressing the pieces with a spoon and cook on all sides on medium heat.
    7. Method 3: Cook with little water.


To consume daily, Fish has to be marinated with the masala and divide into small portions and put in small plastic covers and keep in the freezer. By doing this, it will be easy to take a single piece daily from the freezer and defrost.

Fermented Rice


Preferably boiled rice/red rice 250gm, 200ml butter milk (1 glass) Method of Preparation: Cook therice in the afternoon and drain excess water, allow the rice to cool down to room temperature, add butter milk to it and storein theearthen pot,this is left overnight at room temperature. This can be taken as breakfast, with the side dish of raw onion or green chilli.

Nutritional value:

More than 2000 times of the nutrients namely calcium, magnesium, potassium, Vit B12 etc


Bhastrika 40 sets and Anuloma Viloma 20 sets, gaze at the sunrise or sunset through naked eyes for 30mins, to charge your body through sunlight and meditation for 30mins.

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