Top 8 Ways to Boost Your Immune System Naturally

The immune system is our first defence against any harmful infection and virus. After the disastrous effects of Covid-19 on immune health, everyone is looking out for ways to boost your immune system naturally.

We have relied on Ayurvedic homemade kadha to better immunity. But did you know that there are other ways of improving immunity? And are these tips even natural?

We have outlined a list of natural lifestyle changes that could turn out fruitful for improving one’s immunity. Changing your way of life and dietary habits is not an easy thing, especially in this age where everything is accessible just right at your fingertips. Switching to these changes would require your utmost dedication and will. Let’s look at the list of these changes:

8 Ways to boost your Immune System Naturally

  • Fix Sleep Schedule
  • It's extremely common to keep watching Netflix till midnight, that’s how we end up compromising on sleep. Sleeping at odd times rather than going to the bed when you are actually tired could be more devastating in the long run. 

    Experts suggest following a fixed sleep schedule to provide proper rest to your body. While you sleep the body recharges itself for the next day, this is why we can’t stress it more than why adequate sleep is necessary. Even on weekends, your body will know when it’s time to sleep and wake up if a sleep schedule is punctually followed.

  • Eat the Plant Rainbow
  • Eating a colourful diet is a great way to boost the improvement of the immune system. Rainbow fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals that support the functioning of a healthy body. 

    All of these different colours in plant-based foods indicate the presence of a certain nutrient in them. These are called phytonutrients which help in reducing the risk of immune diseases. They are the body’s natural defence against cancerous and heart ailments. Adopting a colourful rainbow diet will aid you in finding a balance between a healthy lifestyle and a strong immune system.

  • Exercise for 30 Minutes
  • Try and squeeze in a small workout in your fast lifestyle for at least 30 minutes. We know it's not as easy as it may look. But this habit of exercising regularly could keep your heart active and strong. 

    There are numerous benefits of exercise, the list is never-ending. It will make you productive, energetic, improves blood circulation, sleep quality, and endurance. And you will also end up thinking twice before consuming any junk food. It’s a win-win for everyone!

  • Refrain from Stress
  • With all the responsibilities of the present-day, it’s tough to not stress about things and maintain a calm behaviour towards life. Why all end up losing our cool every now and then which is understandable. We know it’s pretty hard! But if you are experiencing stress for a prolonged period, it could turn your health upside down. 

    Managing work, personal life, family, and friends could become exceedingly overwhelming. Uncontrolled stress could unknowingly lead to mood swings, heart conditions, diabetes, and depression. Learning to manage and master the stressful challenges would improve your well-being. 

  • Take a Immunity Supplement
  • There are thousands of supplements available in the Indian market, from pills to juice to solutions. Some of them are made by following the ancient methods of Ayurveda while others are the result of advanced medical research and clinical trials. 

    You have the option to pick a supplement that meets your needs, you will surely notice an improvement of immune system. We think it’s always better to stick to ayurvedic supplements to boost immunity because of their proven results and relevance in Indian culture. Research online to know about the exact benefits of immunity-boosting herbs and how they could prove to be the best potion for you. 

  • Drink Enough Water
  • Water is the source of our existence - the human body is made up of up to 60% water.  We lose a large amount of water every day to compensate for it. Our body requires enough water from food, drinks, and just plain water. Below is a list of the numerous benefits of drinking water and how it assists in the functioning of a healthy body:

    • Regulates body temperature
    • Maintains a balance of fluids
    • Keeps your skin hydrated
    • Aids in digestion & prevents constipation
    • Supports kidney to flush out toxins

    We would suggest you to carry a bottle of water everywhere you go, at least you will never be dehydrated!

  • Eat Healthy Fats
  • Eating healthy fats rich in poly and monounsaturated fats can significantly lower bad cholesterol levels in the body. Foods like avocado, cheese, dark chocolate, eggs, nuts, seeds, and yoghurt are healthy in nature while being high in fats. 

    Our body cannot make fatty acids derived from these fats on its own, they are fundamental for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. Incorporate protein, carbs, healthy fats, and fibre in your meals - each of these are vital to make a balanced and healthy diet.

  • Avoid Smoking & Drinking
  • This cannot be overemphasised that drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes are bad habits. We all start somewhere from one cigarette a day to finishing a whole packet in 24 hours. Consumption of alcohol once or twice a month is alright, chugging down pitchers of beer every week is a big no-no! 

    Drinking leads to the unrealized development of careless and violent behaviour in a person. Studies also show that the consumption of cigarettes promotes a drive for alcohol in the body. It cannot be denied that both of these habits are interrelated and addictive. It’s best to avoid this style of living to stay healthy in the longer run.

    These are the top 8 most common ways to boost your immune system naturally. It’s rightly said that - ”First we form habits, then they form us.” Adopt these basic habits to achieve a strong immune system and an improved lifestyle. 

    In addition to the above-mentioned tips, we should always take precautions to keep away from common infections and viruses. Practice habits like carrying a personal handkerchief, washing, and sanitising your hands at regular intervals. These will greatly help in creating a healthy style of living for a strong immune system.